10.25 inch Range Rover Evoque Android GPS Car Screen Player

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The 10.25’’ Range Rover Evoque Android GPS Screen build in WIFI and 4G LTE, can support GPS navigation, CarPlay, 360 camera and have 4GB+64GB. It’s 8 core high HD touch screen.

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Android 10.0


8 Core


Built-in GPS Navigation System

Screen Size

12.25 inch

Screen Resolution

1920*720 IPS Display Screen



OSD Language



12 Months


Android, GPS, Quad-core, FM radio, Mirror link, WIFI, Capacitive touch, 1080P HD video, Reversal priority, DSP, Steering wheel control etc.

Supported models

Range Rover Evoque (Harman) 2015-2018

Range Rover Evoque (Bose) 2012-2014


10.25’’ Range Rover Evoque Android GPS Screen


What exactly do these displays do in cars?


1. Correct operation
The above is in terms of maintenance, in addition, the correct use is also very important. After the end of use, the car Android GPS screen should be closed first, and then turned off. Although never shutting down is easy, but it will easily harm electronic components after a long time.

2. Daily maintenance
In daily use, if you do not pay attention to the operation, it is easy to bring dust to the navigation. In fact, the problem of dust prevention has been considered in the design process. Compared with the past, it has been relatively reduced, and more people will choose to use the USB interface directly. Play music. As long as we pay attention to cover the protective cover in time during normal use, it will effectively prevent the entry of dust. The laser head of the optical disc is classified as a vulnerable part and is more expensive. If a malfunction occurs, please ask a professional to deal with it. The button knob of the panel can be cleaned with a small cotton swab or the like.

3. Waterproof and moisture-proof
Electronic equipment is afraid of water, and waterproof and moisture-proof is a must. When washing the car, remember to close the car door. When cleaning the interior of the car, you should also be careful. If you need to scrub, try not to have too much water on the towel, let alone spray water with a watering can or spray it with a liquid such as detergent. After cleaning, it is best to Scrub again with a soft, dry towel to avoid the navigation being wet and affecting normal work. You can also open doors and windows for ventilation, and then seal the car after evaporating the water. This is not only helpful for in-vehicle navigation, but also helps to keep the interior of the car dry and prevent bacteria from multiplying.

4. Correct operation
To operate correctly, otherwise it will affect the GPS service life. The correct way to do this is:
1. When using, you must first close the page and then shut down the machine. You cannot directly shut down the machine without closing the page. That is an illegal operation. 2. It takes about 10 hours for the first three times of use of the machine, so that the battery storage capacity can be brought into full play. 3. Start the car first, then plug in the cigarette lighter. After the navigation is over, unplug the cigarette lighter, and then plug it back in the next time the car starts, which is beneficial to protect the battery of the machine.

Product Application

Range Rover Evoque (6)
Range Rover Evoque (5)
Range Rover Evoque (7)

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