12.3 inch for Range Rover Sport Android Rotating Car Screen

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The 10.3’’ Range Rover Sport Android Rotating Screen build in WIFI and 4G LTE, can support GPS navigation, CarPlay, 360 camera and have 6GB+128GB. It’s 8 core high HD touch screen. And it can flippable.

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Android 10.0


8 Core


Built-in GPS Navigation System

Screen Size

12.3 inch

Screen Resolution

1920*720 IPS Display Screen



OSD Language



12 Months


Android, GPS, Quad-core, FM radio, Mirror link, WIFI, Capacitive touch, 1080P HD video, Reversal priority, DSP, Steering wheel control etc.

Supported models

Range Rover Sport 2013-2017

Range Rover Executive 2013-2017


10.3’’ Range Rover Sport Android Rotating Screen


When traveling by car, it is better to use car Android screen:


The rapid development of society is inseparable from everyone's hard work and smooth traffic. Faced with such a messy road, it is impossible to do without navigation. People choose mobile phones for navigation for convenience. It is a mobile phone, what is the difference between them, let's take a look.

First, no matter which navigation method we choose to travel, we should update the map to the latest version, only in this way can we ensure the accuracy of our map data.

Second, if there are conditions, we should use car Android screen. In short, car navigation is to use a small computer with satellite positioning, install navigation software, and then navigate. Relatively speaking, the advantages of car navigation are that the screen is large and can be seen clearly, and the navigation is more accurate due to the use of professional GPS positioning chips. There will be no problem with mobile phone navigation and positioning prohibition. Furthermore, most of the vehicles used in the car are offline maps plus the network. If the data is disconnected from the network, it will not affect the driving.

To sum up, the functions of car Android screen are becoming more and more perfect now. For our travel safety, we still consider using car Android screen.

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