8 inch Universal Android screen HD Car Radio Multimedia Player

Short Description:

Android version: Android 9.1 is an upgrade to 10.1.

2. Core: 4-core AC8227L A7 1.3ghz.


4.Built-in: Mobile phone interconnection: Support Android and Apple phone interconnection.

5. Power amplifier: 7388.

6. Network: support wireless wifi signal network.

7. Radio: FM1; FM2; FM3;

8. Bluetooth: MT6625 Bluetooth 4.0.

9. Display screen: resolution: 1024*600/ touch screen: multi-point touch/material: 2.5D toughened glass screen.

10. Satellite positioning: MT6625 GPS.

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Android version

Android 9.1 is an upgrade to 10.1


4-core AC8227L A7 1.3ghz




Mobile phone interconnection/ Support Android and Apple phone interconnection.

Power amplifier



support wireless wifi signal network


FM1; FM2; FM3;


MT6625 Bluetooth 4.0

Display screen

resolution-1024*600 touch screen-multi-point touch/material-2.5D toughened glass screen

Satellite positioning

MT6625 GPS

Map type

Google online /IGO/Sygic/ Le Ke Navigation Wang/Papago/android online offline map

APK application

support download and installation

Audio format


Video formats

AVI, ASF, MP4, MOV, MPG, MPEG1/2/4, VOB, MKV, TS, WMV, FLV, RMVB, 3 gp, 1080 p, etc

European Digital broadcasting

DAB+ optional

Reversing audio


Brake warning function


Steering wheel control function


Reset button



Touch the button.


support multiple languages.

List of complete machine

main machine, accessory wire package.

Product Display


What does carplay mean? What does carplay do and how does it work?


"CarPlay allows you to access most of your iPhone's basic functions from the car's control panel. Some of the features include the Siri voice assistant tool, iTunes music playback, Apple Maps and text messaging. CarPlay allows drivers to make and receive calls without taking their hands off the wheel, and to listen to voicemail messages. "To use these iPhone features, the driver can touch the driver's control panel in the car as if it were a phone, but less intrusive, and Siri can be activated by a button on the steering wheel."

Carplay includes map navigation, phone, messaging, music, calendar, Siri voice and other functions, and supports mainstream apps such as Gaode Map, Baidu Map, QQ Music, NetEase Cloud Music, Ximalaya, Dragonfly FM and so on. Here's how Carplay connects:
Get an Apple cable and use it to connect your iPhone to your car's Carplay ENABLED USB port, which typically carries your phone's logo. Note that Siri is enabled so you can enjoy CarPlay on the center screen.
Vehicles that do not support CarPlay need to be upgraded or equipped with carPlay boxes. If you're an Android phone user, you're out of CarPlay.

What is cloud database RDS? What are the characteristics?


RDS, short for Relational Database Service, is an out-of-the-box, stable, reliable, resilient and scalable online Database Service. With multiple security measures and perfect performance monitoring system, and provide professional database backup, recovery and optimization solutions, so that you can focus on application development and business development.

A relational model is a two-dimensional table model, so a relational database is a data organization composed of two-dimensional tables and their relationships. The mainstream relational databases include Oracle, DB2, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access, MySQL and so on.

Cloud Relational Database (RDS) is a stable, reliable, flexible and scalable online database service that supports MySQL, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, PPAS (Postgre Plus Advanced Server, Highly compatible with Oracle database), MariaDB and other engines, and provides disaster recovery, backup, recovery, monitoring, migration and other aspects of the full set of solutions.

The cloud database has the following features: fast instance creation, read-only instances, read/write separation, automatic failover, data backup, Binlog backup, SQL audit, access whitelist, monitoring, and message notification.

FM/AM Function


AM/FM system is based on geographic information system (GIS), according to the needs of equipment engineering management and production technology management requirements and development of a new information management system for production units, in many occasions also use AM/FM/GIS to represent AM/FM system.



The AM/FM system, can realize transmission and distribution network system planning and construction, reporting, scheduling, operation, maintenance and operating computer aided management of electricity, is a public institution of dispersion equipment (such as relative power plants, steel mills in geographically concentrated relatively concentrated equipment) for computer aided management of advanced, practical and ideal application software system.

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