Shenzhen Gehang Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on the development and design of the central control navigation entertainment system for Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, Land Rover, Lexus and other luxury cars. Nearly half of the company's funds are devoted to the development of new products. Product stability and the pursuit of the ultimate user experience are our design concepts. Because of our strong R&D strength and resource advantages, the functions of many of our products are at the forefront of the industry.
  • Multifunctional Car Box for Air Purifier Massage Seat Atmosphere Lamp Fast Charging

    Multifunctional Car Box for Air Purifier Massage Seat Atmosphere Lamp Fast Charging

    Product Name: Universal atmosphere lamp.

    Product Title:LED car universal atmosphere light.

    Product Features: variable color, 4 modes of adjustment, free of installation.

    Product Introduction: 16 colors can be adjusted at will. The atmosphere lamp supports independent color adjustment, and 4 modes can be selected at will. The visual effect is super cool. Patented product, the history of the thinest LED light strip, detachable installation, plug, light, no threading, uniform and perfect without particles, really replace the market plug light provisions. Thousands of models (BMW, Audi, Mercedes, Volkswagen, Tesla etc.)

  • Universal Car Air Purifier Filter

    Universal Car Air Purifier Filter

    Product Name: Car air purifier.

    Product Title: Eight functions of the fresh air system in the car.

    Product Features: Disinfection sterilization, disinfection odor, Formaldehyde removal, intelligent control.

    Product Introduction: This air purifier is a product developed by your company: vehicle-mounted healthy fresh air system.

    Its Functions Include: eliminating carcinogens, purifying PM2.5, disinfection and sterilization, reducing peculiar smell, purifying second-hand smoke, and relieving fatigue. In addition to a main air system, there is an air quality control box.

  • Car Radio Installation and Removal Tools

    Car Radio Installation and Removal Tools

    Product Name:Auto navigation tools.

    Product Title: Plastic car radio door clip panel.

    Product Introduction: Safe and effective, Easily remove Trim, Molding, Door panels and Dashboards.

    TOUGH AND RESILIENT MATERIAL: The tough, resilient nylon tools have the strength to pry up panels and pop open panel retaining pins, but are soft enough not to damage your car’s delicate finish.

  • 360 Camera HD Resolution for Car

    360 Camera HD Resolution for Car

    Product Name: 360 Car Parking Surround View Recorder

    Product Title: 360 Degree Bird View Panorama System Cameras

    Product Features: 3.5D, 2D view mode, Wireless knob remote control, Can adjust angle by remote, support multiple view model 2D, 3.5D

    Product Introduction: OSD

    Language: English Main

    Function: When car reverse, turn Left or Right, 360 system trigger by lamp signal, car screen will automatically switch to Back, Left, Right view, then show Front view after trigger.WithDVR recorder.

  • Auto Parts Indoor Mood Lights

    Auto Parts Indoor Mood Lights

    Product Name: Auto Parts Indoor Mood Lights.

    Product Title: For Benz C series indoor atmosphere lamp.

    Product Features: 16 different colors, Android screen control, with breathing and turbo vents.

    Product Introduction:Our products are 100% new and high quality, simple design to provide you with a beautiful, exotic and romantic interior atmosphere, cigarette lighter on the switch, mounting can use double-sided plastic tap, this product can be used on automotive interior flooring or dashboard, easy to use, low power consumption (less than 10% of standard halogen bulbs). The product can be directly configured as a cigarette lighter socket can be cigarette lighter socket, without any wiring modification.