Android Stereo Audio Player for BMW 1 2 3 5 Series

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The Android Stereo Audio Player for BMW 1 2 3 5 Series build in WIFI and 4G LTE, can support GPS navigation, CarPlay, 360 camera and have 4GB+64GB. It’s 8 core high HD touch screen.

Product Detail

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Product Parameters



Android 10.0


8 Core


Built-in GPS Navigation System

Screen Size

8.8 inch/12.3 inch/10.25 inch

Screen Resolution

1920*720 IPS Display Screen



OSD Language



12 Months


Android, GPS, Quad-core, FM radio, Mirror link, WIFI, Capacitive touch, 1080P HD video, Reversal priority, DSP, Steering wheel control etc.

Supported models


BMW 1 Series 2012-2020

BMW 2 Series 2013-2019

BMW 3 Series 2005-2019

BMW 5 Series 2005-2017

How to choose and buy car player?



Choose a good brand before purchase, preferably an international brand; Learn more about the performance of products in shopping malls and the feedback of car owners after use.

BMW Android (2)_1

Display Screen

Select TET display screen, which is non-reflective and can be seen clearly in strong light.



There are two kinds of DVD screens: imitation screen and digital high-definition screen. The pixels of imitation screen are generally 240 * 240 or 480 * 240 pixels, while the pixels of high-definition screen are generally 800 * 480 pixels or higher. The resolution will involve map upgrading in the future. For products with 480 * 272 resolution, there will be more free resources on the Internet.

BMW Android (1)_1
BMW Android (3)_1

SD card

The best SD card socket is in front of the panel, so it will be more convenient to replace the map.


Sound Quality And Image

Before purchasing, compare the machine to be purchased with other DVD players. A good DVD navigator can compete with a high-quality CD player.

BMW Android (5)_1


Good DVD navigation adopts the "dual core" or "4 core" mode, that is, two independent CPU processing systems are adopted, so that the two systems do not disturb each other, the navigation speed is fast, the accuracy is high, the application is convenient, and it is not easy to crash. Although the navigation map is software and the DVD player is hardware, good hardware enterprises will cooperate with good navigation software. This still emphasizes the importance of choosing a good brand. When purchasing, you can operate and test directly in the physical store.


After sales service

It is indisputable that there will be some small problems in the use of electronic products for a period of time. Therefore, after purchasing products, if you can't get good after-sales service, you will have a headache. Choose good after-sales service when purchasing, so even if there are any problems, you can get timely and perfect treatment.

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