Auto Parts Indoor Mood Lights

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Product Name: Auto Parts Indoor Mood Lights.

Product Title: For Benz C series indoor atmosphere lamp.

Product Features: 16 different colors, Android screen control, with breathing and turbo vents.

Product Introduction:Our products are 100% new and high quality, simple design to provide you with a beautiful, exotic and romantic interior atmosphere, cigarette lighter on the switch, mounting can use double-sided plastic tap, this product can be used on automotive interior flooring or dashboard, easy to use, low power consumption (less than 10% of standard halogen bulbs). The product can be directly configured as a cigarette lighter socket can be cigarette lighter socket, without any wiring modification.

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atmosphere lamp

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For Benz C series

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Installation Steps:


1. Tear off the Velcro glue, stick it on the back of the light bar, connect the cable to the light bar and the driver.

2. Attach the other side of the Velcro to the foot socket, attach the light bar to fix it, and hide the wire under the foot pad.

3. In the rear row, fix the light bar under the front seat, connect the power cable to the driver and the USB port, the installation is successful.

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Are you still troubled by the darkness of the car? I can't find anything in smearing, the light in the car is not fully shot, and the central control handrail box is too dark. You can use our products. The product is easy to install, with 3m stickers on the back, light, soft and flexible, without replacing the electric wire circuit in the car. One button control, car charger has on/off switch button, one button to open 4 lights, convenient control. Both ends of the waterproof, double glue waterproof treatment at both ends of the lamp body, waterproof, anti-static, anti-aging; High light beads, imported wick, silicone seal outside, high brightness LED energy saving, pure light color.

Product After-Sale Questions:


Do dropshipping ?
Yes,we do. You can contact me if you need.

Production Material Safety?
All products are 100% brand new and have passed quality inspection, and we check whether the products are in good condition before shipment.

When is the parcel sent?
We will place the order within 7 working days. Delivery times vary from country to country and can be affected by factors such as epidemics and holidays. If you do not receive the goods by the time of delivery, please contact us.

How about refund?
If the item does not match the description or is damaged, we will give you a refund.

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