Universal Car Air Purifier Filter

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Product Name: Car air purifier.

Product Title: Eight functions of the fresh air system in the car.

Product Features: Disinfection sterilization, disinfection odor, Formaldehyde removal, intelligent control.

Product Introduction: This air purifier is a product developed by your company: vehicle-mounted healthy fresh air system.

Its Functions Include: eliminating carcinogens, purifying PM2.5, disinfection and sterilization, reducing peculiar smell, purifying second-hand smoke, and relieving fatigue. In addition to a main air system, there is an air quality control box.

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Product Name

Air purifier



Water Source

Mineral/tap water

Feature 1

Relieve fatigue

Feature 2

Reduce odor

Feature 3

Disinfection and sterilization

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The fresh air system of our products mainly includes accessories such as composite filter cotton, purification module, decorative frame, purification controller, intelligent control voice box and power cord. If there is an odor left in the room after you have eaten in your car, our fresh air system can reduce the odor for you. After you smoke while driving, the smoke in the room will not dissipate. If you turn on our fresh air system, it will It can remove second-hand smoke and indoor carcinogens for you. When the air in the car is less than 0.5, it means the air quality is good, and the display is green; when it is >0.5<3, it means the air quality is slightly polluted, and it is displayed as a yellow light, and >3 Indicates that the air quality is heavily polluted, a red light is displayed, and the voice will prompt: Please confirm whether the air conditioner is turned on.



1. Please check whether the power connection is normal during installation.

2. First remove the original car air conditioner grid, and then replace this product. Note that the air outlet must be consistent with the original car, otherwise it will affect the use effect (if the direction of the air outlet is not clear, you can use a thin piece of paper to test at the air outlet.)


3. One end of the power supply is connected to the ACC interface of the original car, and cannot be connected to normal power. The other end is connected to the fresh air host and the display box. The fresh air host replaces the original car air conditioning grid position, and the display box is recommended to be placed on the lower right side of the A-pillar of the center console.

4. After the installation is completed, the air purification in the car is completed after 5-10 minutes of internal circulation of the clock-in air conditioner for the first time.

5. It is normal that there may still be peculiar smell when you get on the car after installation. Due to the continuous volatilization of harmful substances in the car, the equipment does not work when the vehicle is parked. Therefore, it is recommended that for good health, please open the windows and turn on the air conditioner at the same time when getting in the car.

6. In order to ensure the safety of shoulder width, it is recommended to change the filter cotton according to the actual situation in different areasProduct after-sale questions:

1. After the installation of air conditioning air volume will be smaller?
Because our filter cotton increases the absorption of multilayer formaldehyde and PM2.5, the density will be higher than ordinary filter cotton, which will slightly affect the air volume.

2. Why does the product still have peculiar smell after installation?
Because some of the car packaging (such as: leather, seat cushion, sound insulation cotton, rubber, etc.) will continue to volatilize harmful substances, similar to formaldehyde this belongs to slow volatile gas, this volatile process may last for 10 years, when parking, the product does not work, so the odor will exist.This product is also not working, so the odor will be there. This product uses negative ions to electrolyze pathogenic bacteria and micro-particulate matter in the air, and absorbs PM2.5, formaldehyde and other harmful substances through filter cotton. Purify from the source of the air outlet, and purify the air in the cab after purifying through the pipe, so there will be a purification process to ensure that the air in the car is fresh.

3. How often should filter cotton be replaced?
In normal use environment, it is recommended to replace it every 6 months or 10,000 kilometers, depending on the driving environment and the actual situation.

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