Car Player Android for MINI NBT System Radio Video

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The Car Player Android for MINI NBT System Radio Video can support GPS navigation, CarPlay, 360 camera and have 4GB+64GB. It’s 8 core high HD touch screen.

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Android 10.0


8 Core


Built-in GPS Navigation System

Screen Size

9 inch

Screen Resolution

1920*720 IPS Display Screen



OSD Language



12 Months


Android, GPS, Quad-core, FM radio, Mirror link, WIFI, Capacitive touch, 1080P HD video, Reversal priority, DSP, Steering wheel control etc.

Supported models

F55/F56/NBT 2014-2017

Car Player Android for MINI NBT System Radio Video


What is the principle of car GPS navigation?


24 GPS satellites orbit the earth at an altitude of 12000 kilometers above the ground in a 12 hours cycle, so that more than four satellites can be observed at any time and at any point on the ground at any time.

Because the position of the satellite is accurate, in GPS observation, we can get the interval from the satellite to the receiver. Using the interval formula in three-dimensional coordinates and using three satellites, we can form three equations to solve the position of the observation point (x, y, z). Considering the error between the satellite clock and the receiver clock, there are four unknowns in practice, x, y, Z and clock difference. Therefore, it is necessary to introduce the fourth satellite to form four equations for solution, so as to obtain the longitude, latitude and elevation of the observation point.

In fact, the receiver can often lock more than four satellites. At this time, the receiver can distribute several groups of four satellites in each group according to the constellation of the satellite, and then select the group with the smallest error through the algorithm for positioning, so as to improve the accuracy.

The vehicle navigation system is mainly composed of navigation host and navigation display terminal. The built-in GPS antenna will receive the data information transmitted by at least 3 of the 24 GPS satellites circling the earth, so as to determine the current position of the car. The position coordinates determined by the navigation host through the GPS satellite signal are matched with the electronic map data to determine the accurate position of the car in the electronic map.

On this basis, it will realize various functions such as driving navigation, road introduction, information query, broadcasting AV / TV and so on. The driver only needs to watch the picture on the display, listen to the voice prompt, and operate the remote control in his hand to realize the above functions, so as to drive easily and freely.

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