1. How to find the power cord of the car ?

First turn the car key to the ACC state. Then regulate the Universal Watch to the 20V gear. Connect the black stylus to the power ground (the outer ironclad of the cigar lighter) and use the red stylus to test each wire of the car. Normally a car has two wires about 12V(some cars only have one). That is the positive pole line. How to distinguish the ACC and memory line? Pull out the car key after you find the two positive pole lines. The memory line is the electrically charged one after you nuplug the key. *(Look the Picture 1)

2. How to find the ground wire of the car (negative pole)?

Turn the Universal Watch to the on/off beep gear. Then connect the black stylus to the power ground (the outer ironclad of the cigar lighter) and use the red stylus to test each wire except the two power lines. The energized one is the ground wire(negative pole). Some cars have two ground wires. * (Look the Picture 2)

3. How to find the horn line of the car?

Turn the Universal Watch to the on/off beep gear. Connect the black stylus to any wire except the power cord and ground wire. Then use the red stylus to test each remaining wire. The energized one is the horn wire. Then use the same method to find out the other horn lines. *(Look the Picture 3)

4. How to test whether the unit work properly?

When you get the unit, you'd better test the unit with battery or power supply before installation. Wire connection method: Twist the red wire and yellow wire together and then connect them to the positive pole. Connect the black wire to the negative pole. Then press the switch to turn on the unit and get a horn to connect to the horn wire. (Two wires connected to the horn are of the same color. The white wire is supposed to be connected to the positive pole and the white one with black part connected to the negative pole of the horn. You can make no distinction between the positive and negative poles of the horn.) Then test the function of the unit 08.

5. How to connect Bluetooth?

Turn on the uint and initiate Bluetooth function of phone, and then search for the user name of the unit. Click the connect button and the phone will show it is connected. If you want to play music with Bluetooth, press the function transition button to switch to Bluetooth mode and then click songs on your phone. You can also dial numbers on your phone to make a phone call with Bluetooth.

6. How to fix the unit ?

Since each car has a different way of fixing the unit and the location of the screws are different, there is no defined way to fix the unit You may consult the fixing method of the original unit If it was fixed by tightening screws with the steel angle, you can unload the steel angle of the original unit to both sides of our unit, then use the electrician tape to tight the steel angle (since screw hole size is probably unmatched). If the original unit was fixed with iron frame, you can fix the iron frame of our unit in the car first, and then push the unit to fasten it. If the size is not fit, you can wrap the unit with electrician tape to increase the volume of the unit, and then put it in and fasten it. Or you can think of a better way to fix it, but anyway, you can fix it.

7. How to install the navigation antenna ?

First you should tighten the screws of the navigation antenna and the unit. Then you must fix the navigation antenna module in a place that has sunlight or on the windshieled. (Thats very important because poor installation will affect navigation signals.)

8. The default factory mode password

Factory mode password : 8888

9. The default Bluetooth Pin Code

Bluetooth Pin Code : 0000