Android Car Audio Radio for Lexus RX 2020-2022

Short Description:

CPU: Qualcomm MSM8953 8-core 2.0g main frequency (single-core 2.0g, 8-core up to 2.4g).

Bluetooth: Three-way call support, Bluetooth music support APTX.

USB: 3.0/1.1/2.0.

Operating system: Android 11.

Embedded microprocessor: STM32F072R8T6/STM32F105.

Storage capacity: 2G+32G/4G+64G/6+128G.

Storage expansion: support 64GB U disk, and 1TB hard disk expansion, 2 USB 2.0 high-speed ports.

Product Detail

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Qualcomm MSM8953 8-core 2.0g main frequency (single-core 2.0g, 8-core up to 2.4g)


Three-way call support, Bluetooth music support APTX



Operating system

Android 11

Embedded microprocessor


Storage capacity


Storage expansion

support 64GB U disk, and 1TB hard disk expansion, 2 USB 2.0 high-speed ports.

4G communications

Global network communication, support network frequency bandsupport LTE Cat 6 and 2x20MHz carrier aggregation, maximum downlink rate up to 300Mbps,Support GSM(2G), WCDMA(Unicom 3G), TDD-LTE(4G), FDD-LTE(4G), CDMA2000 1X/EVDO,Rev.A(Telecommunication 3G) in six modes.

Screen resolution

1920*720 IPS display

Touch screen type

Blue light anti-glare anti-fingerprint anti-scratch full lamination process Capacitive touch screen, supporting multi-touch control03

Product Configuration:


Product Switch between 7 UI styles at will

lexus RX 20-now2

360 Panoramic Camera

lexus RX 20-now1

Aperture: 2.0

Focal length: 1.5mm prime camera

Field of view (H*V) : horizontal 232°, vertical 115°

Waterproof grade: IP69 waterproof

360 panoramic intelligent security system

lexus RX 20-now3

360 panorama 2D mode and 3D mode can be arbitrarily switched back and forth, left, right, front and rear view can be arbitrarily selected swap, no loss of data.

AR Navigation


Built-in AUtonavi AR navigation, car AR navigation, navigation to practical road conditions, car distance, turning, pedestrian, obstacle reminder, and service reminder, such as: gas station, toll station, speed, road reminder.

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