2022 Range Rover: Original luxury SUV raises the bar

Please note that Land Rover is launching the next generation Range Rover as a 2022 model, while continuing to market the previous version as a 2022 model. Both are reviewed here, with the previous model in italics.
Price: A brand new 2022 Land Rover Range Rover ranges from $104,000 to $163,500. The upcoming 2022 Range Rover starts at $92,000.
The Range Rover is more than just a luxury full-size SUV. It was the prototype of the luxury full-size SUV, the godfather of the luxury 4×4, and the original luxury SUV. It is the flagship of the Land Rover brand and is located in Death Valley as much as it is on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.
The all-new 2022 Range Rover ups the game with a new slim design, available 3-row seating, new engines and a future EV version.
Land Rover reinforces Range Rover’s position as the king of luxury mountain SUVs with a wide range of upgrades, including major engineering changes and new premium interiors.
Among the many upgrades are an executive seat option, mosaic-patterned wood trim on the console, and even an advanced air purification system that protects against viruses, including COVID-19.
Land Rover is looking to fend off a growing number of new rivals challenging its luxury SUV supremacy, including the Bentley Bentayga, the Mercedes-Benz Maybach GLS 600 and the even more expensive Rolls-Royce Cullinan. Downgrading the premium SUV class a bit, full-size models like the BMW X7, Cadillac Escalade, and Lexus LX challenge the Range Rover.
The outgoing 2022 Range Rover is the fourth generation, debuting for the 2013 model year. However, in 2022, a new generation will also appear. Meanwhile, Range Rover continues to build premium SUVs, with luxurious cabins and powerful equipment adding to the program’s prestige.
The cheapest in the all-new Range Rover lineup for 2022 is the $104,000 five-seat SE model with a 395-horsepower turbocharged six-cylinder engine and a mild-hybrid system.
If you have three rows of seats on your agenda, a seven-seat long-wheelbase (LWB) SE with the same mild-hybrid engine costs $110,000. The 3-row option is a first for the Range Rover and greatly expands its appeal in a segment where 3-row seating is the norm.
For such a large and heavy vehicle, the mild hybrid engine delivers decent performance and surprisingly good fuel economy.
For Range Rover buyers who care more about performance than fuel economy (and we suspect the majority do), both the SE and SE LWB can opt for a new 523-horsepower twin-turbo V-8 engine.
From here, prices skyrocket as the rest of the 2022 Range Rover moves into full-fledged luxury territory. All of these higher trims are equipped with a V-8 engine.
The 5-seat Autobiography is $152,000, the 7-seat LWB Autobiography is $154,000, and the 5-seat LWB Autobiography is $156,000, offering second-row passengers extra legroom and other perks.
Two special First Edition models will be offered through the end of the 2022 model year. With more trim than the Autobiography model, prices are $158,200 for the First Edition trim and $163,500 for the LWB version.
While the many bells and whistles offered by the Autobiography and First Edition models are nice, you can save on the price of a decent family car by sticking with the SE trim.
On the other hand, if money doesn’t matter, and it looks like it does for many buyers in this category, a more luxuriously equipped Range Rover SV trim is on the way.
Available in standard and LWB forms, the SV’s interior will feature a unique interior design theme and will even come in a 4-seat “Signature Suite” configuration with two ultra-luxury second-row seats. We expect the price of the SV to hit and exceed the $200,000 mark firmly.
Another innovation in the new Range Rover lineup will be available as a plug-in hybrid (PHEV) at the end of 2022. This version uses the same inline-six engine as the Range Rover’s “mild” hybrid, but the battery is 38 kWh larger. With a power output of 434 horsepower, Range Rover says the PHEV can travel up to 62 miles at 87 mph on battery alone.
Going further, an all-electric version of the new Range Rover will be launched in 2024. There are no details yet, but we expect the battery pack to be quite large, providing enough power for such a heavy SUV.
As with other high-end EVs, we are predicting high prices for the PHEV and EV Range Rover, likely in the $130,000 to $160,000 range.
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In its least luxurious form, the upcoming 2022 Range Rover has an MSRP of $92,000 plus shipping fees. After that, there is a steep and difficult climb (with oxygen) for the $211,000 long-wheelbase Range Rover SV Autobiography.
The choice is extensive and expensive. It’s still possible to add another $25,000 on a top-of-the-line SV Autobiography model.
Range Rover is expensive compared to competitors Porsche POAHY, -13.27%, BMW BMW, +0.95% and Mercedes-Benz. The Cayenne is around $69,000 and the X5 is around $60,000. Despite being a 3-row SUV with the same lightness and off-road flair, the GLS-class costs around $77,000.
Viewed from the other side, the Range Rover fits in perfectly. For example, a Mercedes-Benz G-Class costs around $133,000. A two-row Mercedes-Maybach GLS costs about $162,000, while a Bentley Bentayga costs $166,000.
Before buying, check out KBB.com Fair Purchase Prices to find out how much others in your area are paying for their new Range Rover. Resale value is not a Range Rover strong suit. The Mercedes-Benz G-Class also conquered the area.
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One of the shortcomings of the previous generation Range Rover was its clumsy handling when driving fast on more difficult roads. However, we expect the new model to address the problem of excessive body roll. The all-new 2022 Range Rover is based on a robust new body platform and features a powerful electronic roll protection system that responds faster to body movements.
What’s more, the Range Rover is now for the first time equipped with an all-wheel steering system (AWS). The system steers the rear wheels to improve steering response at high speeds and provide a tighter turning radius at low speeds.
We expect AWS to make parking a 2022 Range Rover (especially the long wheelbase (LWB) version) in a crowded garage from scratch into a relatively painless experience.
While we suspect few $100,000+ Range Rover Adventure models are far from paved roads, our experience with serious off-road adventures in a car shows it’s more than capable.
For 2022, Range Rover continues to use Land Rover’s proven Terrain Response system, which allows drivers to select from six driving modes to tackle a variety of on- and off-road conditions. It’s a “set it and forget it” system in the sense that it does most of the thinking for the driver when the going gets tough.
Until we have more experience with the 2022 Range Rover, we’re not sure about major engineering changes. For the next generation Range Rover, Land Rover has switched from permanent all-wheel drive (AWD) to a system that normally sends power to the rear axle, but sends power to the front wheels when grip levels and driver input so require.
The benefit of part-time all-wheel drive is better fuel economy, but it remains to be seen how this change will affect the Range Rover’s capabilities.
The upcoming 2022 Land Rover Range Rover is the epitome of a full-size luxury SUV. Its main goal is comfort. Even the standard adaptive air suspension can’t turn it into a cornering carver. It’s majestic, not fanatical.
This approach has particular advantages if the Range Rover driver is swerving off the pavement. It has ample ground clearance and suspension travel, and the plush seats and generous springs keep passengers mellow.
Much of Land Rover’s decades of experience in operating its vehicles in some of the most challenging environments on earth is embodied in Terrain Response. All the driver has to do is select the appropriate mode from Mud & Ruts, Grass/Gravel/Snow, Rock Crawl, or Sand, and the system adjusts responses from the engine and transmission to suit. All the driver has to do is select the appropriate mode from Mud & Ruts, Grass/Gravel/Snow, Rock Crawl, or Sand, and the system adjusts responses from the engine and transmission to suit. All the driver has to do is select the appropriate mode from Mud & Ruts, Grass/Gravel/Snow, Rock Crawling or Sand, and the system will tailor engine and transmission response to suit.驾驶员所要做的就是从Mud & Ruts、Grass/Gravel/Snow、Rock Crawl 或Sand 中选择合适的模式,系统会调整发动机和变速箱的响应以适应。驾驶员所要做的就是从Mud & Ruts、Grass/Gravel/Snow、Rock Crawl 或Sand All the driver has to do is select the appropriate mode from Mud & Ruts, Grass/Gravel/Snow, Rock Crawl or Sand, and the system adjusts engine and transmission response to suit. We drove a Land Rover SUV – this thing works.
All Terrain Progress Control (standard in the autobiographical version) is the adventurer’s cruise control that applies power or brakes as needed. The driver just needs to focus on steering.
We’re delighted that the new 2022 Range Rover fixes one of its predecessor’s flaws, namely the subpar infotainment system, by offering a large 13.1-inch curved center touchscreen and a new control system.
An advanced system called Pivi Pro controls most of the car’s functions and provides users with haptic feedback when they touch the screen. Land Rover claims that more than 90 percent of tasks are completed with two clicks from the home screen.
Given the complexity of the new Range Rover, it’s nice to have an infotainment system that has better control over its many functions.
In addition to the Pivi Pro’s main screen, the rider has a separate 13.7-inch display that can be configured with digital or analog gauges.
The 2022 Range Rover doesn’t skimp on rear passengers either, offering an optional rear seat entertainment system that includes two 11.4-inch touchscreens mounted behind the front seats.
If you climb into the previous SV’s luxurious executive-level rear seats, an 8-inch touch-sensitive seat controller will be mounted on the center armrest to control various functions, including seat massage. There’s a fridge and even an electric table that rises from the center console to form a work surface (although we’re wondering how much work gets done there).
When it comes to luxury, the SV goes all out with exotic affordable materials such as micro-metal inlays, ceramic control knobs, mosaic inlays and ultra-soft leather with intricate patterns on the seats.
Moving to the rear of the new Range Rover brings us another new feature. An option dubbed the “Tailgate Activity Kit” creates a rear-facing leather-covered seat with lighting and audio in the cargo area to dominate the pre-race parking lot.
The new Range Rover SE comes with a white ceramic shifter and fader and offers three interior design themes: Signature, Intrepid and Serenity. In the right order, they are designed to evoke comfort, privacy and exclusivity.
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While the cabin of the outgoing 2022 Range Rover is unmistakably upscale, luxurious and finished with premium materials, the design remains understated, with an understated taste that makes it even more elegant.https://www.alibaba.com/product-detail/6-128G-Android-10-0-Car_1600244017737.html?spm=a2700.shop_index.82.9.11e159520DrKkK

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