Android Auto redesign adds split-screen mode to all displays

At Google I/O 2022, Android Auto introduced a split-screen mode so you always have navigation and media controls, and this redesign can adapt to any screen size, especially older cars with smaller displays. Android Auto is now available in over 150 million vehicles worldwide.
Codenamed “Coolwalk”, this redesign adapts to any screen size of your Android Auto compatible car. Use three maps, the largest of which is dedicated to maps and navigation. You’ll always see music, podcasts, and other audio controls, and a third window offers contextual suggestions from the assistant that you can scroll through.
It can display anything from analog stuff, including dates, route ETAs that can be quickly shared with contacts, incoming text notifications (although they still show up as overhead banners), and missed calls. When you receive a message, Google will ask you to respond with on-screen response suggestions, including emoji or your voice.
Another main component of this user interface is a panel that records the time, cellular signal and battery status, as well as buttons to open a grid of apps, notifications and assistants. This bar appears at the bottom of the screen or is pinned to the left. The map is shifted to the right or to the top of the portrait display.
The adaptive interface, introduced this summer, allows those with 5- or 6-inch displays on older cars to work in split-screen mode without multitasking being limited to wide screens like before. At the same time, as car screens become more common, Google is getting a promising Android Auto with this redesign.
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On the dedicated Android Automotive front, Google has confirmed that YouTube is coming soon, and Tubi TV and Epix are also planning to release video streaming apps. You can also cast content from your phone to a screen in your car, which Google is touting as ideal for charging or waiting on the side of the road for delivery.
Android Auto is an extension of the Android platform optimized for use in mobile vehicles. The system is designed to reduce smartphone interactions so you can focus on the road.

Post time: Sep-05-2022