How to Add Wireless Apple CarPlay Without Buying an Expensive Head Unit

There’s no denying that Apple CarPlay has basically taken the lead when it comes to in-vehicle infotainment.Gone are the days of using CDs, flipping through satellite radio channels, or looking at your phone while driving.Thanks to Apple CarPlay, you can now use many apps on your iPhone without taking your eyes off the road.
There are a few different ways to add Apple CarPlay to your old car.But what if you don’t want to replace your existing radio with a more expensive head unit?Don’t worry, there are several options for this route as well.
If you have an older car, the typical way to add Apple CarPlay is to buy an aftermarket radio.There are many aftermarket units on the market today, many of which allow wired or wireless CarPlay use.But if you don’t want to mess with your radio at all, the easiest way to add Apple’s phone integration is to buy a unit like the Car and Driver Intellidash Pro.
The Car and Driver Intellidash Pro is a self-contained unit, much like those old Garmin navigation units of the past.However, the Intellidash Pro doesn’t just show you a map, it displays the Apple CarPlay interface on its 7-inch display.According to Apple Insider, the unit also has a microphone and built-in speaker, but you probably don’t want to use the latter.
Instead, after attaching the device to your car’s windshield or dashboard via suction cups, you can connect it to your car’s existing audio system.This can be done simply by connecting the Intellidash to your audio system via the aux line or wirelessly via the built-in FM transmitter.It can also automatically pair with your iPhone after connecting to the system with a Lightning cable.
As of this writing, the Car and Driver Intellidash Pro currently retails for $399 on Amazon.
If spending $400 sounds a bit high, there are cheaper options on Amazon too.For example, Carpuride has a similar unit that has a 9-inch screen and is capable of Android Auto.Best of all, it only cost about $280.
If your car already comes with Apple CarPlay but needs to use a lightning cable, you can buy a wireless adapter.We found a unit from SuperiorTek that acts as a middleman between the car’s infotainment system and the phone.
To connect it, you plug the wireless adapter into the car’s system via a USB cable, then pair it with your phone.After that, you can enjoy CarPlay without taking your phone out of your pocket.This product retails for $120 on Amazon.
Even if you don’t want to replace your car’s head unit, you can easily add wireless Apple CarPlay to your old car.Just buy one of these standalone devices, plug it in, and you can instantly interact with apps on your iPhone.

Post time: Jul-23-2022