How to judge the quality of car navigation?

Most car owners who are unfamiliar with car navigation products buy them by directly determining the brand and price. Of course, in addition to these methods, car owners can actually identify the good and bad in the process of trying out products (if it is an online shopping channel, they can only choose products that are more trustworthy).
When we choose a car audio-visual navigation product, because we can't disassemble it to see the internal workmanship of the product, we can only make a rough judgment from the appearance and use. First, you can start from the panel docking and whether the keys are smooth.

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After the device is turned on, we can intuitively feel the clarity of the screen, and the resolution can be known from the parameter configuration. However, many screens have less anti-glare, and the owner can see the photosensitive effect of the frequency screen directly from the light, because most machines are difficult to see the delicate picture clearly in the sun, so the owner doesn't have to tangle with this.

Another point will affect the product function, that is, the heat dissipation of the product, especially in high-temperature climate. Because the environment where the car machine itself is located is not very ventilated, the heat dissipation of the product itself is more important, otherwise it will appear the phenomenon of crash and jamming.

Summary: in fact, only from the appearance and use can we roughly judge the workmanship of the product. For example, it is difficult for us to judge whether the anti-seismic function and radiation of the product are overspent. Car owners can only try to choose brand products with fine workmanship and after-sales guarantee.

Android Stereo GPS Car Player Radio for MINI F54


Post time: Jun-13-2022