What are the main functions of the car multimedia screen?

The car navigator is the on-board GPS navigation system. Its built-in GPS antenna will receive the data information transmitted by at least 3 of the 24 GPS satellites circling the earth. Combined with the electronic map stored in the on-board navigator, the azimuth coordinates determined by the GPS satellite signal match this to determine the accurate orientation of the car in the electronic map, which is the usual positioning function. On the basis of positioning, it can pass through the multi-function display to provide the driving road, the road condition in front and the nearest gas station, hotel, hotel and other information. If unfortunately the GPS signal is interrupted and you lose your way, don't worry. GPS has recorded your driving path, and you can return according to the original path. Of course, these functions are inseparable from the map software that has been prepared in advance.
The switch of Car Navigator is usually the button of GPS. Some navigators are displayed in the form of menu. Just press GPS.


Post time: Jun-13-2022