Which one has the advantage of Car navigation VS mobile navigation?


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Car navigation VS mobile navigation

1. Screen size
This is the complete victory of car navigation. The larger the size, the clearer you can see.

2. Navigation accuracy
The map packages useful for vehicle navigation are downloaded in advance, so there is no way to update the address information timely and accurately. This leads to a situation where you don't need to navigate where you know, and you may not be able to find where you need to navigate. If you want to advance to the map, it will be more troublesome.
Mobile navigation can be updated in time and effectively through 4G network, as well as various road information, which is convenient to use.

3. Application cost
The cost of car navigation is high. For the same model, the price difference between equipped with on-board navigation and not equipped with on-board navigation may be about $1,000-2,000, and at this price, you can buy a flagship mobile phone.


9 Inch Android Car Player for MINI R56 R60 Radio

4. Application difficulty
The function of car navigation is difficult, such as location selection, interval accounting, peripheral search and so on. The search results are poor, and it is also the reason why many people make complaints about car navigation.
In addition, the current vehicle navigation needs to reach out to the central console, which is a little far away. Most of the vehicle navigation screens are very insensitive to touch.

5. Application stability
Since the car navigation has participated in the durability test together with the whole vehicle, the quality and reliability are higher. GPS signal strength and stability are much higher than mobile phones, and some also provide active help seeking function.
Mobile navigation is simple. It is disturbed by many factors such as receiving SMS, phone and power, which will affect the display screen and voice navigation. And! The power consumption of the mobile phone is fast in the navigation state. It's a little unbearable for long-distance driving.


9 Inch Android Car Player for MINI R56 R60 Radio

Post time: Jun-13-2022