Android Qualcomm System 8 Core Car Navigation for Porsche Macan

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Supported models:Macan 2014-2016
Macan 2017

This navigation is powered by a Qualcomm 8-core Adreno 506 GPU with a 650Mhz time pulse to give you faster response times.

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Function parameters



Picture format



Qualcomm 8-core2.2GHZ

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Store memory


Storage extension

Support 64GB USB disk, 1 or 2 USB 2.0 high-speed ports




Built-in 360 panorama

Screen size


Car Play

Built-in wireless Car Play



Android applications

Third-party apps can be downloaded online

Android Stereo GPS Car Player Radio for MINI F54


What's the difference between a navigator and an electronic dog?


Electronic dog is mainly used for early warning traffic lights fixed photo point and mobile police speed measuring equipment such as police laser gun,K,KA,X and other various frequency band police speed measuring camera. Photo violation information is divided into fixed and mobile parts, among which fixed points need to collect data points and collate them into the database. Because the national road information is updated frequently, timely updating is required to ensure the accuracy and integrity of data. The flow part is received by radar induction, receiving distance is generally about 200-1200 meters.

There is a map in the navigation, which is used to tell you how to go to the place. The map needs to be upgraded, and there is usually a charge for it. It will be updated twice a year. Electronic dog is used to tell you whether there is a speed, red light violation camera, used to avoid fines. Functions and functions are not the same, of course, now there are two functions are combined together products.

The main function of navigator is map query (you can search the location of the destination you want to go to on the operation terminal, you can record the location information of the place you often go to, and keep it, and you can share the location information with others, query the location of the gas station near you or a certain location, Hotel, ATM, etc.), route planning (THE GPS navigation system will automatically plan a route according to the starting point and destination you set, and the planning route can be set whether to pass through certain points.) , automatic navigation (voice navigation, screen navigation, re-planning route). Thus, there are still many differences between the navigator and the electronic dog. In our daily driving, the navigator can find the destination for us, and help us plan the correct path, less detours. The digital dog, on the other hand, could save us tickets and unnecessary expenses.

Product Application

Porsche Macan 2017  8.4inch
Porsche Macan 2014-2016 8.4inch CN
Porsche Macan 2017 8.4inch CN

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