Android Settings



1. Touch to shift screen to MAIN MENU.

2. Touch to hide the shortcut menu button area. Touch the top and pull-down of the screen and wake up the shortcut menu button.

3. Touch to display all the programs running in the background, where you can choose to close the programs running in the background.

4. Touch to shift screen to return to the previous interface.

5. WIFI: Touch to open the WIFI connection interface, search for the WIFI name you need, then click on the connection.

6. Data usage: Touch to open the monitoring interface for data usage. You can view the usage of data traffic in the corresponding date.

7. More: you can turn on or off the Airplane mode, setting Tethering & portable hotspot.

8. Display: Touch to open Display interface. You can setting the Wallpaper and Font size, Turn on or turn off the video output function of the machine.

9. Sound & notification: Touch to open Sound & notification interface. The user can set the alarm clock, the bell and the key tone of the system.

10. Apps: Touch to open Apps interface. You can separately view that all the apps that have been installed on the machine.

11. Storage & USB : Touch to open Storage & USB interface. You can see the total capacity and usage of built-in memory and the expanded memory.

12. Location: Touch to get the current location information.

13. Security: Touch to set up security options for the system.

14. Accounts: Touch to view or add user information.

15. Google: Touch to setting Google server information.

16. Language & input: Touch to set up language for the system, how many more the 40 languages to choose from, and you can also set up the system's input method on this page.

17. Backup & reset: Touch to shift screen to Backup & reset interface. You can perform the following actions on this page:

① Back up my data: Back up app data, WIFI passwords and other settings to Google servers.
② Backup account: Need to set the backup account.
③ Automatic restore: When reinstalling an app, restore backed to setting and data.

18. Date & time: Touch to open Date & time interface. In this interface, you can do the following:

① Automatic date & time: You can set it to : Use metwork-provided time / Use GPS-provided time / Off.
② Set date: Touch to set the date, provided that Automatic date & time must be set to Off.
③ Set time: Touch to set the time, provided that Automatic date & time must be set to Off.
④ Select time zone: Touch to set the time zone.
⑤ Use 24-hourfomat: Touch to switch the time display format to 12-hour or 24-hour.

19. Accessibility: Touch to open Accessibility interface. Users can perform the following operations:

① Captions: Users can turn on or turn off the captions, and setting Language, Text size, Caption style.
② Magnification gestures: Users can turn on or turn off this operation.
③ Large text: Turn on this switch to make the font displayed on the screen larger.
④ High contrast text: Users can turn on or turn off this operation.
⑤ Touch & hold delay: Users can choose three modes: Short, Medium, Long.