9 Inch Android GPS Car Player for MINI R56 R60

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The 9 Inch Android GPS Car Player for MINI R56 R60 build in WIFI and 4G LTE, can support GPS navigation, CarPlay, 360 camera and have 4GB+64GB. It’s 8 core high HD touch screen.

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Android 10.0


8 Core


Built-in GPS Navigation System

Screen Size

9 inch

Screen Resolution

1920*720 IPS Display Screen



OSD Language



12 Months


Android, GPS, Quad-core, FM radio, Mirror link, WIFI, Capacitive touch, 1080P HD video, Reversal priority, DSP, Steering wheel control etc.

Supported models

R56/R60 2011-2014



9 Inch Android GPS Car Player for MINI R56 R60


Will the Car GPS player be eliminated?


The car GPS player is installed in the car, so compared with the mobile phone, it has an advantage that you do not worry about where it is placed, because it is in a fixed position. It's there whether you're there or not. Secondly, when you use the mobile phone to navigate, it must be in the navigation interface to navigate normally. Once you exit the navigation interface for other reasons, it will no longer navigate, which is a difficult problem.

Think about it. Suppose you are using mobile navigation and your boss calls you. If you answer the phone at this time, there is a crossroads in front of you, and navigation has exit at this time. You don't know whether to turn left or right, or go straight; If you don't answer this call, if the leader has something important to discuss with you, you miss this call.

Another difficult problem is the mobile phone battery. If you use mobile phone navigation, the power potential of mobile phone will drop rapidly. After all, navigation is a high energy consuming job. If you navigate while charging, it is often harmful to the right and wrong of the mobile phone. In the short term, you may not see any problem, but in the long term, it will actually have a great impact on the battery life of the mobile phone.

Another drawback of mobile navigation is the signal problem. If you use mobile navigation to drive in remote valleys and villages, and the signal there is not very good and intermittent, if you completely cut off the network, you will be finished; Vehicle navigation can be used whether there is a network or not, and its positioning function is more professional and accurate than mobile navigation, which is better.

Product Application

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